An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx meet in 1987, on their first school day at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Ten years later they set up their company Blixa and present their first collection as A.F. VANDEVORST in Paris.

The current A.F. VANDEVORST line is a complete women’s ready-to-wear line comprising shoes, lingerie, bags and accessories. The ready-to-wear collection is developed and produced with Belgian manufacturers from inception with specific outsourcing in Turkey for certain categories (Jersey). Shoes and accessories are developed and manufactured in Italy. In January 2006 A.F. VANDEVORST presents a lingerie and beachwear collection. This collection is manufactured in France and is to be regarded as a research into the classic traditions of ‘corsetterie’.

Press is managed by Totem in Paris, Pred PR in Tokyo, Nouveau PR in New York and Agentur K in Munich. All other aspects of the company — including sales, production, distribution and finances — are controlled from their Antwerp base by a small but efficient team of ten employees.

A.F. VANDEVORST shows twice a year during the Paris fashion week and, in addition, presents all new collections equally in it’s own showrooms in Antwerp, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Berlin. The collection is on sale at the majority of prestigious shops and department stores in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Moscow.

A.F. VANDEVORST has always taken on outside projects: there has been the creation of a unique collection for Ruffo Research Italy (Male/Female, 2000-2001), they designed for Allegri in Italy (Male/Female, 2005), created stage costumes for the Susan Sontag play «Alice in Bed», as well as outfits for the Dutch Opera House in Amsterdam. In 2005 An and Filip were asked by MoMu — the renowned Antwerp Fashion Museum — as curators of «Katharina Prospekt», an exhibition based upon the couple’s impressions of Russia.

A.F. VANDEVORST is a company in full expansion, with a keen eye for the future: further developments include a clothing line for men and the opening of their own shops. The company however remains focused on the evolution of the current women’s collection.


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