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MSGM — молодая итальянская марка основанная дизайнером Массимо Джоржетти в 2008 году. Самым большим вдохновением для Массимо является инди-музыка (а именно его любимые группы MGMT и The Strokes), современное искусство и все, чем сейчас так сильно увлечены молодые люди в интернете. В своей работе он смешивает и сочетает старые традиции (вдохновляясь Yves Saint Laurent и Coco Chanel) с ощущением революции и отрешенности, которое пришло к нам с наступлением нового века.MSGM is the brand founded by the designer Massimo Giorgetti in partnership with Paoloni Group. Massimo Giorgetti is the brand designer for both men and ladies collections. The brand is distributed by Studio Zeta Show Room in Milan. The brand was born in a very particular moment of Fashion System: the difficult economic trend involving fashion (year 2008-2010) does not prevent MSGM from facing it with proactivity and investments on a creative team as well as an administrative one made of people in their thirties and lead in primis by Michela Paoloni, the chairman’s daughter. The state of being contemporary has always been the soul of the brand since its very beginning — the new tendencies of indie music and contemporary art as well as the kaleidoscopic aesthetic and artistic expression of creative connected to internet. Even when it comes to final customer MSGM does not want to follow the age scheme but focus instead on their expression, creativity and contemporary state of being. MSGM collections for SS 2010 are welcomed with great success both by press and buyers. The best international and Italian boutiques immediately believe in the project. Among them are Matches and Browns in London, Lane Crawford in Asia, Joyce and Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong. In Italy there are Antonia in Milan, Eleonora in Rome, Base Blu in Varese, Luisa via Roma in Florence amongst the others. Moreover «Vogue talents» chooses the collection as one of the best amongst the emerging ones. MSGM ends its first year with enthusiastic results and above all expectations. From a commercial point of view MSGM reaches 120 boutiques distribution for the ladies collection and 40 for the men’s one for a total amount of 160 active clients and a € 2.500.000 turnover. On the press side the collection is finalist to the «Who’s on next» edition held in Rome in 2010 (the contest was arranged by Conde Nast and Vogue Italia) and it is acclaimed as one of the best discovery amongst the new designers’ generation with numerous editorials on international magazines. The brand keeps its positive growth during the following year and clients buying the Spring Summer 2011 ladies collection raise from 120 to 170 which added to the men’s one reaches a total of 210 with an estimate amount of € 3.500.000 turnover . During 2011 MSGM keeps its positive trend and its astonishing growth by closing the winter ladies and men’s sales with an unexpected 200% increase thus allowing grander turnover previsions at some 5.000.000 euros.

The number of accounts worldwide carrying both MSGM collections reached 280 boutiques thus showing the continuous evolution of the brand, 220 of which are ladies dedicated and the remaining ones are mens’, the latter being the 10% only of the total turnover but showing encouraging signs of growth for the next future. Thanks to the successful winter sales incomes were due to 40% to the domestic market and the remaining 60% to the international one with an increase of buying on the Russian, Chinese, and Japanese sides in addition to which it must be also stressed the remarkable expansion throughout the United Kingdom.The brands’ growth expectations are also confirmed by the launch of the first ladies accessory collection alongside with the Spring Summer 2012 Ladies Resort Collection whereas the men introduces the knitwear capsule. In addition to this there will be a launch of a «Limited Edition» e-commerce in September. It will be an out-and-out virtual shopping window where it will be possible to purchase men and ladies’ t-shirts, ladies’ dresses, a limited edition not part of the collections and therefore different from what available in stores.In this respect a restyling of the web site is also scheduled for the September and it will carry new graphics contents and information to crown achievements meant to increase in the future.

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